Weight Loss Myths: Yes, You Can Have Chocolate

Weight Loss Myths: Yes, You Can Have Chocolate

Weight Loss Myth #5 – You Can’t Eat Chocolate

It is so unfair that people continue to think you can’t eat chocolate when you want to lose weight. Technically, there isn’t anything you can’t eat during weight loss. The key is to keep everything in moderation. Perhaps you should avoid high-calorie foods that you know you’ll eat too much of. Otherwise, if you really want some cheese puffs, have a couple. Just don’t eat half the bag.

Weight Loss Myth #4 – You Can Lose Lots of Weight Quickly with Fad Diets, Pills, or Patches

Please don’t ever, ever fall into the trap of fad diets. It will only be a huge waste of your time and money. No matter how good the offer sounds, it isn’t true. The body just does not work the way fad diet companies want you to think. Weight gain happens slowly and thus weight loss must happen slowly as well. There is no way to cut corners.

Weight Loss Myth #3 – Weight Loss Shakes Help You Lose Weight

There is nothing special in weight loss drinks. They are not magical potions that somehow make the pounds come off faster or easier. Weight loss can only happen when you create a calorie deficit. That means your body needs to burn more calories in a day than you eat in food. When this happens, the body taps into its stores of fat to get energy and you lose weight. If you eat two 300 calorie shakes a day along with a 500 calorie meal that is 1100 calories. If that is less than you were eating before, you’ll probably lose weight. It doesn’t matter where those 1100 calories come from. If you eat 1100 calories of shakes or fries or apples a day you’ll lose weight. Don’t waste your money on diet shakes.

Weight Loss Myth #2 – Certain Foods Can Slow or Speed up Metabolism

I’ll make this simple: it just doesn’t happen.

Weight Loss Myth #1 – Dieting Alone is Enough to Lose Weight

While you can lose weight by dieting alone, it really isn’t the right approach. You should be concentrating on having a diet that is rich in healthy foods that provide your body with all the nutrients it needs. Healthy foods tend to be low in calories, so this can lead to weight loss. Think of any weight you lose as an added bonus to providing your body with the food it needs to run properly. This approach can help keep you from losing motivation in your quest to lighten up.

Additionally, dieting does not get rid of the fat that is most dangerous of all. That is the fat that is located inside of you, around your internal organs. The only way to lower your internal fat levels is through exercise. This is why people who aren’t over weight still need to exercise. You can have lots of fat on the inside even if you appear slim on the outside.

Like I said, there are no ways to cut corners when it comes to weight loss. It takes hard work, and it takes time. Just refer back time to time to these Weight Loss Myths.