The Real Secret Of Quick Weight Loss Program

The Real Secret Of Quick Weight Loss Program

There are plenty of self-styled fitness experts and gurus out there who claim to have the real secret to making quick weight loss program work. Some have good ideas, and some are complete quacks, but all who claim to be the only ones with the true secret, are lying. This is a checklist for you to judge them by – the real key to making weight loss work, written by me – someone who doesn’t claim to be an expert, but who has lost 100 lbs myself.

It takes discipline and effort. Sure, it’s simple, and it can be a VERY quick endeavor, but it’s never easy. There is no magic pill that will give you the drive to just up and work out. YOU have to be the one to do that. You have to battle the urge to sit in bed eating chips all day, and you have to be the one to take that first step into the street, the weight room, the treadmill, the gym, or wherever you chose to fight your battles with weight.

Boot Camp
It’s never easy. You’re going to work for it. Anyone who claims to have a “light, easy solution to weight loss” is a liar. There is one weight loss program that I know of that works for 100 percent of those who follow it: boot camp. Why do recruits into the Marines, Army, Navy, police academies all over the world, football teams, etc. emerge in so much better shape than they came in with? Because they worked HARD for it. They were up early, sweating, pushing through their mind’s barriers, continuing the workout when they just wanted to quit. Men and women both. And it’s worked. You can learn something from these young recruits – that getting results from your workout is a matter of HARD WORK. Nobody ever lost big weight numbers by putting in minimal effort on the treadmill while reading a book and/or watching tv or lifting pink 5-lb dumbbell weights. You have to push yourself.

Eat lots of green vegetables

It happens in the kitchen. This is where the most important facet of your weight loss occurs. Your workouts will amount to FAR fewer results if you continue eating fast food and potato chips, with a side of ice cream, and loading your body with hydrogenated fats and high-fructose corn syrups. Cut out the crap. Learn how to cook recipes that are delicious involving foods that are fresh, raw and whole. Eat lots of green vegetables. Replace fried and breaded meats with lean meats. Oh sure, you can eat a treat once in awhile, and you still have to take in the right amount of healthy calories to keep your metabolism going, but you can’t make the UNhealthy calories the big staple of your diet anymore. And remember to eat at least 5-6 small meals per day – as cliche as it sounds, it works. It keeps your metabolism going. And do not skip breakfast. And drink lots of water.

Your circumstances do not prevent you from putting in the work. Unless you are medically diagnosed with a condition, do not blame your weight gain on genetics, birth control, or any other medications or outside circumstances. You are using them as an excuse to not put in the work if you do this, and it doesn’t take long periods of time to work out – doing 10 minutes per day worth of sprinting can shape a person up very quickly. Money does not prevent you from eating healthy – eating healthy is actually cheaper than buying junk food constantly.

There is no one program that cures all. There are many quick weight loss programs that can work for you. All you have to do is put in the necessary work and discipline, and keep it going. It’s all about your own drive to succeed, and your own sacrifices and hard work. Good luck to you. 15 Day diet Plan is one of the weight loss programs that can help you. This program has all necessary guidelines to help you maintain your diet and weight loss.