Reduce Your Post Pregnancy Stomach with This Instant Secret

Reduce Your Post Pregnancy Stomach with This Instant Secret

So, your baby is four months old but you still look four months pregnant. (Or worse, your baby is six months old and you look six months pregnant.) That little belly just doesn’t seem to be disappearing. If strangers are still offering up their seats to you on the bus, you know you need to ditch that “still-pregnant” look.

What’s the big secret to looking better postpartum? Yes, diet and exercise, of course. We all know how important they are. But there’s a simple trick, one that takes barely any time at all, that instantly minimizes that post-pregnancy stomach.

Magic pills? Nope.

Other pills, the kind you shouldn’t order from sketchy online pharmacies? Nope.

Black clothing? It’s timeless–also, useful if you are an artist or the parent of a fingerprint aficionado – but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Some sort of restrictive girdle that squishes your belly back into place? No, that’s not what I’m talking about either.

Here it is, in one word, the instantaneous secret to minimizing that post-pregnancy belly:


You may be hearing your grandmother’s voice deep in your brain, telling you “Straighten up, young lady!” And she’s right.

Don’t believe me? Do this: Stand in front of a mirror, profile view. Slump just a little–the way you probably do all the time without realizing it. Now, pretend you’re a ballerina. There’s a string running up your spine, pulling you up towards the sky. Be tall (but not stiff).

Now check out the difference. Get out the tape measure, if you must. By lengthening out your torso, you’ve instantly minimized your belly–and draw attention to your face and chest rather than your bulging waist. You’ve taken one giant step down the road from Disheveled, Sleep-Deprived New Mom to New Mom Who Makes it Look Easy. Your posture makes you appear taller, leaner, and more confident.

Good posture also reduces back pain and improves breathing; activities like yoga, dance, and Pilates can help you develop and maintain it. While it may take time to develop the habit of good posture, it only takes a second to straighten up. Listen to your grandma, and you’ll notice the difference.