Quick easy ways to lose weight

Quick easy ways to lose weight

Taking care of our bodies is the first step to getting good health. They say we are what we eat. So what exactly are you? You’re probably looking at your tummy and remembering the last time you treated yourself to a not so healthy snack. The consequences are staring at you with proud mockery of what it is. But come to think of it you really don’t have anyone but yourself to blame. Be it because of stress eating or great temptations to just have a bite of pizza. We both know you’ll end up ordering another one. So why not just accept this and move on. By moving on, I simply mean doing something about it.

If you are serious about restoring your health and overall performance, I say it’s about time you take some action with some quick easy ways to lose weight.

1. Rise and shine sunshine!

I can’t argue that the bed is one of the most comfortable places to be at home. Sleep is important in but going overboard with it won’t do you any good.

Having a good night’s sleep will help you wake up feeling revitalized and ready to conquer a new day. No need wasting anymore by lying in bed doing nothing. Don’t let that be an excuse to skip a day’s’ worth of exercise.

Waking up early will drastically boost your metabolism

Studies have shown that night owl who slept late and snoozed in the morning ended up taking in more calories during the day than the early risers. The latter made healthier food decisions than the former who went for a sugary and salty treat.

2. All hail the berries

Berries should be your go-to snack whenever you’re feeling a little sugar deprived. Not only are they low in sugar but also have substantial amounts of nutrients essential in our bodies. Being one of the blessed gifts from Mother Nature, they are naturally the best go-to sources of antioxidants which protect your body from diseases and slow down aging in cells. An example of such antioxidants is resveratrol, which has also been linked to having some properties of weight loss. They were also found to have little bulk of filling fiber.

Feel free to switch sugary stuff with berries anytime. Satisfaction guaranteed.

3. Say goodbye to hydrogenated oils.

Hydrogenation is the process whereby hydrogen is added to oils in order to turn them into solid fat. The processes wholly apply to oils such sunflower oil and vegetable oil. During processing, trans fat is produced. Trans fat raises the levels of LDL (low-density lipoprotein), commonly referred to as “bad cholesterol”. The supposed nickname is credited to the fact that it causes clogging of the veins and arteries when in high levels. This leads to diseases such as stroke and arteriosclerosis.

Hydrogenated oils are the worst types to consume as they are known to pose a major threat to our health.

There are other healthy oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and sesame oil. Ultimately, you can trade normal vegetable oil for any of these.

You can find out if food has trans fats by simply looking at the ingredients. Start by looking at the information label where they indicate the total fat content. By subtracting the saturated fat and mono and polyunsaturated fats, you will be let with the total trans fat.

4. Trade white bread for sprouted bread

Some say that one should avoid eating bread when trying to melt down. However, it all depends on what type of bread you’re eating. Sprouted bread is ideal for all of you who really are die-hard fans of bread. This is because it is low in sugar. The sprouted grains are loaded with inulin which helps in weight loss. It also treats digestive problems and constipation. Inulin can also be found in other foods such as bananas, artichokes, and leeks.

5. Kick sweeteners to the curb

The artificial sweeteners you’re running to won’t do your weight any justice. On the contrary, it will have the opposite desired effect, making you gain more weight. Your waistline will be a huge witness to the sabotage. The sweeteners target your belly line where most of them are converted and stored as fats.

Since they aren’t exactly filling, your insulin will be spiked and you may develop unhealthy cravings. This is why most sugary things are linked to cases of obesity and weight gain. One ends up consuming more and more o empty unsatisfying food.

6. Incorporate fiber into your meals

While some of you may disagree on this, there’s no amount of debate that can oppose the health benefits of fibers. Adding fiber to your diet will be of beneficial value. Since they are naturally filling, you only need little of it to make you satiated. It is found in most vegetables (kale, spinach, and cabbage) and fruits (avocados).

Remember though, the key to these quick easy ways to lose weight is sheer willpower and dedication. If you set your mind to it and constantly motivate yourself to get better as the days go by, you’ll shed off that extra weight in no time!