Permanent Weight Loss

Permanent Weight Loss

Your goals and dreams will always haunt you if you don’t do anything to at least try accomplishing them. From all those quotes about success and failure in the internet, you can deduce how much effort and dedication is needed to realize your dreams. No doubt many have given up on the way, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re bound to fail on your journey to permanent weight loss. The same advice applies to losing weight. So, it’s nothing new really.

Over the past years, the topic of weight has become an increasingly touchy subject for a lot of people. It doesn’t come as a surprise that weight has turned into the barrier, preventing us from exploiting our potentials. Of course, it has been a debatable issue, with quite a number encouraging us to be comfortable in our own skin. But at what cost? Have you reflected on the effect your weight has on your health?

In case you haven’t thought about weight loss yet, I implore you to reconsider. Maybe it’s because you’re tired of fat shamers telling you what their idea of a perfect body is. There’s no urge to lose that weight, right? But what if I told you that you’re more likely to be living a life of regret? That a chronic heart disease is knocking on your door?

Nice. now that you’re having a change of heart, here are some dos and don’ts of weight loss.

Take lots of water

When it comes to keeping your body hydrated, nothing beats a cool glass of water. Chugging down some water can do your body justice. It improves the functioning of body organs such as the liver and kidney by cleansing and eliminating toxins. In addition, it improves the supply of oxygen to the brain, therefore improving your memory.

Whether going to work or running some errands, carry a water bottle with you. Sipping on water will quench your thirst, as well as chase away your thoughts about food. This is because we tend to confuse hunger for thirst and choose food to cure our thirst. Ironic, but true. If you make an effort to have some water during the day, you will find that you weren’t as hungry as you thought. This way, you’d have prevented yourself from consuming purposeless calories. Before buying those fries, drink some water to check whether it’s the hunger or a faux alarm.

Juices and smoothies are definite don’ts for thirst. Most of the time, they only contain added sugar and sweeteners which keep you even more thirsty. One of the surest ways towards permanent weight loss is to avoid them altogether.

Find a sporty hobby

Who said you need to exercise to lose weight? Despite the fact that exercising guarantees weight loss, it does not mean that you can only lose weight this way. For starters, you can take the more entertaining route: finding a sporty hobby. During weekends, holidays or free time, engage yourself in a sport, or anything else that will keep your body moving. Whether you choose swimming, dancing, cycling or yoga is entirely up to you. The options are limitless. Whichever will be as helpful in your quest to achieving permanent weight loss. Keeping yourself physically active gives you an instant metabolism enhancement, especially when partaking in an aerobic sport.

ride bike

All forms these sports work with the same principle of oxygen debt. After a long run, jog or exercise, you often find yourself panting and struggling to get some air. This is oxygen debt. It is the method your body encourages you to take in more air to get rid of lactic acid that accumulates when energy is being produced. This is why, during yoga and workouts, you are encouraged to take in deep breaths.

So in a way, participating in a hobby is like doing exercise.

The plates

According to experts, the size of your plate dictates how many calories you’re likely to get into your system. It goes hand in hand. If you serve food on a larger plate, chances are that you will eat more calories than the person with a smaller plate.

If you consider the probability of having a second helping while having the larger plate, you’ll discover that you’d have eaten way more than you thought. On the other hand, using a smaller plate will help you limit yourself. The analogy proves its validity after being carried out practically.

Eat right

You don’t have to go on a diet to lose actuality, restricting yourself from eating enough will only make you famished. In the long run, you will be tempted to snack on junk food. For this reason, eating a well-balanced diet will never be emphasized enough. Especially when slimming down. Even if you go on a diet, you shouldn’t completely cancel out a treat once in a while. Just make sure you don’t abuse your once in a while and change it into a regular habit, otherwise, you’ll end up gaining weight. You must eat your meals faithfully, incorporating just the right amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins. It is better to substitute normal food for the whole foods, the reason behind this is that whole food doesn’t go through processing. Therefore, they have all their natural compounds and flavors. Moreover, they are more filling and healthier.

For you to eat right, you must as well ensure that you’re enjoying your food. Who loves a plain meal anyway? Make your food appetizing and nutritious by adding some herbs and whichever natural spices to infuse flavor to your meals.

Sleep it off

Admit it. Were all victims of late night snacking? It’s no wonder researchers recommend sleeping early to fight off our guilty pleasures. Having quality sleep will liven you up during the day. For your stomach’s sake, get some sleep and watch the weight cut down.