How Can I Lose My Belly Fat Fast

How Can I Lose My Belly Fat Fast

How Can I Lose My Belly Fat Fast?

This is a very common question and you are not alone who is asking this. So, how would you like to get on a diet that helps you lose belly fat fast and guarantees 4-9 pounds off your tummy without strenuous exercise or strict calorie counting? It may sound impossible to lose belly fat at that rate, but that’s exactly what celebrity health trainer Jorge Cruise promises to deliver in his book, The Belly Fat Cure. His current theory, of course, met some opposition from leading nutrition experts who believe that keeping the weight off means minimizing the number of calories you take in daily, coupled with a good regimen of physical exercise.

Contrary to what he supported in his previous book, which was all about minimizing portions and counting calories, Cruise’ new approach to dieting now focuses on how to lose belly fat fast and allows one to eat calorie loaded foods such as burgers, pizzas, chips, and icecream, even without exercising. He said that it is the amount of sugar and not the number of calories that results to the extra pounds. Overconsumption of foods rich in sugar and also processed carbohydrates can cause a spike in insulin levels, which in turn causes fat to be stored more in fat cells.

By avoiding foods with high sugar content and loading up on proteins and vegetables, you can keep your insulin levels low, which, according to Cruise, is the ultimate secret to lose belly fat fast.

The Belly Fat Cure Diet requires a daily maximum of 15 grams of sugar only from a variety of fiber-rich carbohydrates. Lowered intake of sugar means a lower level of insulin, therefore less fat stored in fat cells. According to Cruise, in order to lose belly fat fast, you don’t really need to limit your intake of proteins and fats, as these are usually the most filling foods, yet they don’t affect insulin levels.

Cruise also recommends doing the diet with a buddy, as it has been proven that you can lose belly fat faster if you have someone supporting you. In his book, he also suggests daily 8-minute abs strengthening workout and energetic walking for about 20 minutes to tone your abs, although they are really just optional.

There are some diet and nutrition experts who say that these theories are not based on scientific research. Most researchers also frown on the oversimplified presentation of the role of insulin in body chemistry. As this diet does not really limit intake of proteins and fats, it may result to increased incidences of heart disease. The fact that fruits and low-fat dairy are limited (due to their natural high sugar content) may also result to diminishing essential nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin D, and fiber. Most of all, several diet and nutrition experts say that although the Belly Fat Cure’s goal of reducing sugar intake will result to some health benefits, its selling pitch that it can help you lose belly fat and reduce your weight by 4-9 pounds per week is an unreasonable goal.

However, there is an alternative – 15 Day Diet Plan that explains in details what you should eat, what to avoid and what exercises to perform.