Five Practical Tips to Better Eating Habits

Five Practical Tips to Better Eating Habits

Five Practical Tips to Better Eating Habits: Weight Loss through a Change in Lifestyle

There are diets that promise results in seven days, fourteen days or a month. And yet most people that carry too much weight find it difficult to maintain any kind of weight loss. Diets that reduce carbohydrate intake appear to be fantastic and yet most of what people lose is fluid.

Five Habit Changes that can Lead to Loss of Weight

A simple and yet effective way for weight loss is a change in one’s daily eating habits. Five simple things to remember are:

  1. Keep it simple. Basically, unless someone has a medical condition most people carry too much weight because they eat too much and do not exercise enough. Thus more goes in than what is ‘put out’.
  2. No Snacks during meals. There are those that believe people should graze through the day, however, most ‘animals’ that graze eat grass and not highly processed food full of sugar. Snacking between meal times is adding fuel to something that probably already has too much fuel in it.
  3. No sweets or desserts except on special occasions. Sweets after a meal should not be standard but a reward. Just like buying a special piece of clothing, sweets should only be had on special occasions, like the weekend.
  4. No second helpings during meal time. Most people eat too much. There is an abundance of food and people do not want to waste, which leads to overeating. Less should be prepared and thus less will be consumed.
  5. Special Weekend days. On the weekend there should be a treat if during the week one has followed through with the above habits. This way things like a piece of chocolate will be so much tastier.

Habit Leads to Permanent Change

Once one has implemented the above steps he will form a new habit and thus become part of a new lifestyle. Once less is being eaten the body can draw on reserves stored as fat. Doing something for more than thirty consecutive days will make it easier for that habit to become part of a new routine.

Other Things to Do

Of course, eating less is only the first step. In addition to eating less one needs to start some form of exercise. There has to be a proper balance of exercise on eating habits for weight loss to be effective.

Initially, it might be difficult to start exercising but again after thirty days, it will form part of a daily routine. Walking is a great way to start an exercise regime. Other things one can try include cycling or swimming.

Weight loss to be effective takes time. There is no miracle drug or diet that will result in quick and easy weight loss. But once the effort is put into results will be noticeable. Like so many worthwhile things in life, dieting is not easy.

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