Five Pitfalls to Avoid in Weight Loss

Five Pitfalls to Avoid in Weight Loss

Five Pitfalls to Avoid in Weight Loss: Weight Loss Tips for Avoiding Common Diet Traps

Sustained weight loss is possible when tempting pitfalls are avoided. The following are five pitfalls to avoid in weight loss:


The entire nature of television is that it is a sedentary, passive entertainment that is conducted while sitting down for extended periods of time. Time spent watching television is definitely time spent not moving very much. Therefore, there is no opportunity to burn calories. Worse, most people take snacks to eat in front of the television.

These snacks are often of the salty, highly caloric variety. If television is a relaxing and enjoyable pastime, it does not have to be totally excluded from life. One way to avoid gaining weight is to walk on the treadmill while watching television. Another suggestion is to change the type of snacks that are consumed while watching television. Better choices are celery or yogurt.

Emotional Eating

Overeating is a response that many people have to stress. Yet, it is not healthful to eat during a very stressful situation because stress and anxiety impair digestion.

A better habit is to talk to a friend or counselor about stressful situations. Also, it is advised to keep a journal to express emotions more positively.


Traveling is another pitfall to weight loss because of two factors. The first one is that travel is mildly stressful, which causes some people to overeat. The second factor causing travel to disrupt weight loss is that people get out of their normal routines. A dieter may just grab something on the run or eat an unknown type of food from a different region. A solution to this is simply to pack some preplanned dietary fare and bring it along on the trip.


Restaurants are another dieting nightmare because diners do not see the food being prepared and do not know exactly what the portion sizes will be. In this case, call ahead to the restaurant. Many restaurants publish pre-printed guides to exactly what is in the food. It is best to read this calmly when away from the restaurant environment. That way, the hard decisions are already made before the dieter even gets to the restaurant. This helps to give a person self-control.

Movie Theaters

The final pitfall is the movie theater. This one is tough, mostly because of how powerful the sense of smell is. It is hard to resist that buttery popcorn smell and taste. At the least, request the popcorn without butter or bring snacks from home.

A little preplanning is what can keep these situations from ruining progress in dieting. Now that these five pitfalls to avoid in weight loss is explained, it will be easier to plan around them to keep weight loss momentum going.

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