Fitness and Nutrition for Busy Women

Fitness and Nutrition for Busy Women

Fitness and Nutrition for Busy Women: How to Get in Shape and Eat Healthy When You’re Busy

For women who believe that they’ll never get in shape because of their fast-paced lives, for women who think they don’t have time to eat healthy, for women who think they can’t get in shape because they spend their entire day seated and/or behind a desk: following these simple tricks, (designed specifically for a fast-paced life), will make sure that even the busiest woman can stay in shape.

Fitness and Eating Healthy On-the-Go

Many women will find that keeping a pair of athletic shoes in their cars will enable them to step out and walk more often, whenever there is a lull in the daily grind. When taking the kids to the park, for example, taking the shoes out of the car and walking a few laps allows one to keep an eye on the kids, and get exercise at the same time. Even playing with kids is more exercise than sitting and watching, and it’s a quality bonding activity. Keeping athletic shoes in the car enables a busy woman to walk more often and stay in shape wherever she goes.

As for the busy woman’s nutrition, an essential addition to the items that can be kept in the car is a box of non-perishable snacks, like dried fruit or nuts. It’s easy to find snack bars made from dried fruit and nuts at almost any grocery store. It’s a healthy treat, and curbs cravings throughout the day.

Nutrition: More Snacks

Snacking throughout the day, rather than eating only a couple of large meals, is also a great way to eat healthy. Grabbing an apple here, an orange there, a healthy snack bar, a small handful of dried fruit or nuts, keeps a person from getting so hungry that the urge to splurge takes over. Keeping all portions down to about the size of a fist or smaller is a great way to consume fewer calories every day, without really noticing that one is actually eating less. Also, when going out to eat, buy one entree and split it between two people. Not only does this save money, but it cuts back on how much one eats every day. This is especially true when one opts for fat-free choices, instead of regular, and replaces sugar with artificial sweeteners, like Equal, Splenda, or Sweet ‘n’ Lo.

Also, for the busy woman, here are a few nutritional rules to follow: increase the fiber in one’s diet. This keeps food from lingering in the system too long. The best way to increase fiber is by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. Drink water or unsweetened tea, (which, for those with a sweet tooth, can be sweetened with artificial sweeteners), instead of sodas and other carbonated drinks. The sodium in carbonated drinks makes the body hang on to water, potentially increasing a person’s weight.

The most important rule regarding healthy eating, however, is to not buy junk food at all. Get rid of all the things in the fridge and pantry that are not healthy, and on the next shopping excursion, buy only healthy foods. Passing up the treats in every aisle, however, can be a challenge, so to avoid succumbing to temptation, don’t go to the grocery store when hungry. This decreases the likelihood of being tempted to buy unhealthy food because the stomach is already busy.

Fitness for the Fixed-in-Place

In regards to fitness for women who find themselves seated behind a desk every day, a couple of tricks to stay in shape include: replacing an office chair with an exercise ball. Most exercise balls cost less than $20, so this is a very low-cost investment that lasts for a long, long time. By placing one’s feet flat on the floor, sitting up straight, and simply maintaining balance, the core is engaged, as well as removing a great deal of pressure from the lower back. To increase this desk-time fitness, one might consider doing a few sets of sit-ups or crunches on the exercise ball. This can be done by anchoring one’s knees against the underside of the desk and supporting the neck on one’s hands. For increased resistance, instead of anchoring one’s knees under the desk, simply keep the feet firmly planted on the floor and do sit-ups more slowly.

Similarly, if a woman finds herself watching television a lot, doing a variety of sit-ups on the floor, or leg-lifts on the chair or sofa, in addition to a few sets of squats or lunges, is a great way to fit exercise into one’s daily routine without even missing a minute of those favorite shows.